Women in EMS: Stats and Facts

Working as an EMT may seem like a stereotypically masculine job for some. But, the truth is, women are a growing group in EMS. Their work makes the community stronger and more established.

It’s time for everyone to appreciate female EMTs and paramedics, and recognize their contributions to the medical service industry.

If you’re a woman who’s considering a career in EMS, we encourage you to apply. Raising the percentage of female EMTs will bring us closer to equality and closer to universal respect for women in EMS.

What Percentage of EMTs Are Women?

Currently, around 30% of all EMTs identify as female. This means that the majority of EMTs are male. 

However, the percentage of women in the EMS is steadily on the rise. Approximately 35% of new recruits are women.

For paramedics, this percentage is a little lower, but still improving. In fact, 20% of paramedics in the US identify as female, and 23% of new paramedic recruits are women.

Are More Women Interested in EMS Than Before?

Fortunately, the answer is yes.

More and more women join the EMS workforce. And this rising popularity can inspire others to join as well.

Women in EMS Tackle Gender Stereotypes

How does the “weaker sex” fair in the emergency medical sector?

If you’re a woman and you’re wondering what it’s like to be an EMT, the first thing you need to know is that you can do everything a male EMT can do.

Women have just as much chance to possess the most important EMS qualities: diligence, empathy, physical fitness, and stable mental health. As long as you complete your training and apply your knowledge, you can save just as many lives as a man can.

The second thing you need to know is that you’re very much needed. Every female EMT closes the gap between genders and creates equality in the industry.

Women in EMS

5 Famous Women in EMS You Should Know About

1. Jane Bryce

Jane Brice is the president of the National Association of EMS Physicians. She’s also a professor and researcher at the University of North Carolina specializing at the Department of Emergency Medicine.

Winning the 2011 Women Leaders in Medicine award highlighted Brice’s long and impressive career in EMS.

2. Charlene Cobb

Cobb is a member of the NAEMT Safety Course Committee. Her career in EMS focused on developing safety protocols for both practitioners and patients.

In 1998, she received the Paramedic of the Year Award from the State of Florida for her work on an EMS translation tool that communicates with patients who do not speak English.

3. Susan Bailey

The current president-elect of the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) will assume her presidency in 2022. Susan Bailey the Chair of the Commission on Accreditation of Prehospital Continuing Education (CAPCE) Board of Directors.

Her inspiring combination of EMS skill and leadership can benefit every woman hoping to join the industry.

4. Alisa Williams

Williams is the president of the National Association of State EMS Officials (NASEMSO). She’s the State EMS Director of the Mississippi Department of Health.

She’s an inspiration to all in medicine who aspire for leadership.

5. Maria Beermann-Foat

As a PhD, MBA, NRP, and battalion chief of operations at MED-ACT, her 2019 win of the Emerging Leader Award was well-deserved.

Beermann-Foat is also on the EMS1 magazine’s editorial advisory board.

Join EMS and Inspire Others

Women have already made plenty of impressive contributions to EMS. And the rising percentage of new female recruits gives hope for the future.

Yet, all female EMS professionals know that the fact that they’re women isn’t the reason for their achievements. It’s the dedication, skill, and empathy they use to treat patients.

If you possess these qualities, regardless of your gender, join EMS and become part of this lifesaving community.

You can become a certified EMT or paramedic through our Elite Ambulance course in Illinois and Indiana. After only 12 weeks of training, you can start saving lives and making a difference in your local community.

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