About Elite Ambulance

About Us

Our Focus Is You. Providing compassionate care–delivered reliably and efficiently, Elite Ambulance has emerged as a leading ambulance service in the Chicago area. Led by a management team with more than 30 years of ambulance and healthcare industry experience, including prior ownership of the largest private ambulance service in Illinois, our mission is to provide a distinctive brand of “Elite Care” – reliable responsiveness, expert medical assistance, flexibility and extensive resources beyond the call delivered by a team of caring professionals.

What Elite Ambulance Can Do for YOU.

Elite offers a full range of services, including emergency, non-emergency, dialysis, and bariatric transport, as well as special events ambulance to serve the needs of individuals, municipalities, hospitals, nursing facilities, and health plans

Our ambulance stations are strategically located throughout the area, based upon call volumes’ careful analysis, to provide prompt responses and reliable on-time performance. Combining decades of experience, quality people and a keen focus client on satisfaction enable Elite to offer innovative approaches tailored to fit each customer’s needs.




Our Focus Is You


Strong Commitment

At Elite, we live our company values daily. Our culture emphasizes empathy, integrity, teamwork, professionalism, efficiency, accountability, innovation, flexibility, and continuous improvement.


Exceptional Service

Our people lead the way to make Elite the ambulance service of choice. Whether you’re a patient in our care … a concerned family member … or a case manager looking for resources or information to assist with important patient education and decision-making …” Our Focus Is You” and providing you with outstanding customer experience.


Quality Care

Elite Ambulance performs extensive background/reference checks and interviews to ensure qualified people are enthusiastic about joining our team and sharing our commitment to each patient’s care and our company values.


Personal Excellence

Elite encourages all employees’ career development while requiring strict compliance with industry and company regulations and codes of conduct. We have ongoing in-house training and continuing education of our paramedics and EMTs. Our performance and procedures are reviewed through a comprehensive quality assurance program in a continuing effort to improve patient care and outcomes, customer and company results.


Technologically Advanced

Elite invests in the latest technology in all aspects of our business to assure that we deliver top-level, timely care—all 175 ambulances in our fleet feature state-of-the-art life support equipment, communications systems, and GPS tracking. We have industry-leading software in our Patients Accounts Department to provide accurate billing while protecting patient privacy.


Community Dedication

Elite Ambulance is committed to the communities we serve through volunteer efforts, donations, and active participation. We are proud of our people, values, processes, and promise to serve. We thank you for visiting our website and welcome the opportunity to be of service and value to you when you need it most.

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