Why Become an EMT: 15 Reasons to Join Emergency Health Services

Is It Worth Becoming an EMT?

There are a lot of reasons why you can become an EMT. Everybody has their own story, their own ambitions. One thing’s for certain though: being an EMT is more than just a job.

If you’re on the fence about starting your career in emergency medical services (EMS), or you simply want to know what perks there are to this line of work, this article is for you.

We collected the most common reasons people choose to become EMTs, and why they dedicate their lives to this profession.

Discover the unspoken but very real benefits of being an EMT.

15 Reasons to Become an EMT

The truth is, there are countless reasons why people join emergency health services. However, these 15 are definitely the top of the benefits beyond just a monthly paycheck. Discover why becoming an EMT could be the best decision of your life.

1. You’ll Make a Difference

Every single day you help people as an EMT. You change lives on a daily basis. And often, you even save them.

Whether you bandage up someone after a car accident or help deliver a baby, you’re in the center of people’s life-changing moments. Your presence, skills, and knowledge directly bring positive change.

If you want to do something truly meaningful, becoming an EMT is the right choice for you.

2. Plenty of Career Advancement Opportunities

Becoming an EMT isn’t the end of the line in your emergency medical services career. 

Quite the opposite.

Once you’re an EMT-B (EMT-Basic), you can get further training to become an AEMT (Advanced EMT), paramedic, nurse, or even flight EMT.

The skills you learn and practice as an EMT are extremely useful. Quick response time, patient care, and proper bedside manner are all crucial in every type of healthcare. That’s why learning to become an EMT is a great way to start a variety of careers.

3. Work in Healthcare

If you know you want to work in healthcare, but you’re not sure which direction you want to go in, becoming an EMT is a great start.

And if you’re studying a healthcare-related field, working as a part-time EMT can only benefit you more.

You get to interact with patients, apply your medical knowledge, and build confidence in your skills. And the fact that you get paid on top of that is only a bonus.

4. Stable Job

EMTs are in high demand across the country. That creates job security. A lot of EMTs choose this line of work because it’s a stable and steady job. And job security is always a great benefit. 

5. Exciting Work

As an EMT, you may not wear a suit or have an office. But, you’ll also never be bored.

There’s always something to do, even if you’re not physically helping a patient. Driving, restocking, and attending a variety of events are some of the regular tasks of every EMT. 

There’s no shortage of fun, activities, and action when you’re working in EMS.

6. Stay in Shape

EMTs are proud of their physical fitness. It’s a necessary part of the job to be effective and efficient in every situation.

Lifting patients safely and gently onto a gurney, holding down a seizing patient, and even holding up an IV bag for a long time takes considerable muscle. If you want a job that will keep you active and healthy, being an EMT is right for you.

7. Work in a Team

When you’re working in an ambulance, you’ll never be lonely. Your EMT teammates are like a family. You don’t just work with them. You change the world together. And that can create a very strong bond.

8. Continuous Learning Opportunities

After your basic EMT training, you’re off to try your new skills in the world. However, your education is far from over.

You learn more with every shift, every extra course, and every ongoing training. You can become an Advanced EMT, a paramedic, a nurse, or even a pilot when you start out as an EMT. 

The learning opportunities are endless.

9. Work Hard and Play Hard

Being an EMT may not be an easy job. The shifts can often be long. However, when you’re done with your four-day, back-to-back 12-hour shift, it’s time to enjoy the spoils of your labor. 

Three-day weekends and longer stretches between shifts balance the hard work you perform as an EMT with equal parts rest and relaxation. That way, you’re always well-rested for your shifts and have plenty of time to enjoy the other things you love in life.

10. Unique Work Environments

When you think of an EMT, your first thought is at the site of an accident. However, that’s not the only place emergency services are needed.

Did you know that every major sporting event needs EMS supervision? Imagine watching your favorite football or baseball game from the ground while getting paid! 

Of course, if there is an emergency, you do have to jump to provide medical assistance. But, that certainly doesn’t make working at Wrigley Field any less appealing. 

Not into sports?

Certain scenes on a film shoot are required to have an ambulance present on location. You can look after movie stars and the crew in case of an emergency.

Marathons, festivals, and carnivals all need potential emergency medical services. When you’re working as an EMT, you can find yourself at plenty of incredible sites.

11. Full-Time or Part-Time Work

There’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to working as an EMT.

If you’d like more shifts, you can be full-time. However, if you need to study or have childcare duties, working part-time in the emergency medical services is a great option to practice skills and earn a little extra money.

Better yet, there are shifts available at every time of the day. Whether you want to work during the day or you prefer to work the night shift, you have the option to make your own schedule.

12. In-Demand Job

There’s always a need for EMTs. And that means stable, reliable, and comfortable work options for you.

13. EMT Training Looks Great on the CV

Learning emergency healthcare gives you invaluable medical skills. So, if you want to work in healthcare, having this qualification looks great on your CV.

However, even if your ambition isn’t in healthcare, EMT qualifications are still an asset.

For one, knowing first aid is useful everywhere. However, having worked as an EMT can make your CV stand out. It’s a great conversation starter in job interviews.

14. It Only Takes 12 Weeks to Get Started

You can skip years of medical school and get straight to saving lives in less than 3 months. While there are always more courses and training to advance, you can fast-track your career in healthcare as an EMT.

15. No Student Loan Debt for Training

Another thing about skipping medical school is you also get to skip the tuition fees.

EMT courses are very cheap, and most have the option to start working as soon as you graduate.

Instead of shelling out $40,000 every year on college, you can become qualified after a $1,000 course. And with training centers like Elite, you can even set up a payment plan to avoid taking on a loan.

You can save thousands of dollars in student debt, and have a job lined up for you immediately.

Start Your Career as an EMT Today

Becoming an EMT may be the best decision of your life. There’s nothing more rewarding, fulfilling, and action-packed than working in emergency medicine. And to think that you can start saving lives after a 12-week course…

At Elite Ambulance, we’re proud to train and prepare the next generation of EMTs. 

Our courses cover everything you need to know to become a successful EMT and have a prosperous career in EMS.

If you’re based in Chicago and you want to begin this exciting journey, don’t hesitate to sign up to Elite Ambulance’s EMT training program today!

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