Elite Ambulance offers an extensive range of emergency medical services. Our medical transportation personnel are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Elite works to respond as soon as clinically appropriate to all ambulance service requests. We are committed to providing “Elite Care” to our patients and communities.


Basic Life Support

Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances provide transport to patients who do not require extra support or cardiac monitoring.  A BLS ambulance is staffed by two Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) who have training in basic emergency medical care such as basic airway management, use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) and basic drug administration.  Examples of BLS transports include:

  • Hospital discharges
  • Psychiatric discharges
  • Basic Life support emergencies such as lower extremity fractures
  • Interfacility transfers
  • Transport to dialysis
  • Doctor’s offices

Advanced Life Support

Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances transport patients who need a higher level of care during transport above those services provided by a BLS ambulance. The unit is staffed by two Paramedics who have over 1,000 hours of education and training and are qualified to render advanced life support to patients such as advanced airway management, drug administration and cardiac monitoring under the direction of a hospital. ALS can be thought of as providing service equivalent to your local 911 agency/fire department ambulance. Patients who typically require ALS transport include:

    • Medical/surgical patients with a continuous IV
    • Patients on a cardiac monitor
    • Patients with potential airway compromise
    • Any patient deemed to have a potential complication during transport when reported by the sending facility
    • Life threatening medical emergencies (For example: respiratory distress, stroke, seizure, chest pains)

Specialty Care Transport

Specialty Care Transport (SCT) is the interfacility transportation of a critically injured or ill patient by ambulance, including providing medically necessary supplies and services at a level beyond the scope of the EMT-Paramedic. SCT is necessary when a patient’s condition requires ongoing care. Patients who typically require SCT include:

  • Ventilator transports
  • Expanded scope drug administration via IV pumps

Critical Care Transport

Critical Care Transport (CCT) plans are defined in three tiers of care within the Administrative Code of the State of Illinois General Assembly. Tier II and Tier III are considered Critical Care Transports.

Tier II provides a level of care for patients who require care beyond the USDOT Curriculum and expanded scope of practice ALS (paramedic) transport program, and who require formal advanced education for ALS paramedic staff. Tier II transport includes the use of a ventilator, infusion pump with administration of medication drips, maintenance of chest tubes, and other equipment and treatment, such as but not limited to: arterial lines; accessing central lines; medication-assisted intubation; patient assessment and titration of IV pump medications, including additional active interventions necessary in providing care to the patient receiving treatment with advanced equipment and medications.

Tier III provides the highest level of ground transport care for patients who require nursing level treatment modalities and interventions. Two critical care prepared providers must remain with the patient at all times.

Certain ambulances possess the state-of-the-art equipment and members of the Elite EMS team possess the higher levels of licensure, education and certifications in order to provide this level of service.

Bariatric Services

Elite Ambulance can provide safe and comfortable transport of bariatric patients. Elite utilizes a special gurney that is wider and supports more weight than a traditional gurney.

Wheelchair Van (Medicar)

Our trained staff of wheelchair van drivers provide service for clients who require assisted transportation but do not require an ambulance from point of pick up safely to their destination.


Elite’s EMS professionals stand ready with emergency medical transportation services for individuals as well as communities and fire departments to ensure residents receive proper care when seconds count. Elite’s paramedics and EMTs possess the advanced training necessary to administer care, coordinate with on-scene first responders, communicate with emergency room physicians and transport patients to the appropriate facility.

Elite’s emergency service offerings include:

  • Constant communication between its dispatchers and crews and fire/police dispatch centers throughout calls with our contracted 9-1-1 services.
  • GPS tracking of all ambulances.
  • State of the art equipment to enhance cardiac arrest survival rates and overall patient outcomes.

With Elite ambulance stations strategically located throughout the area based upon careful analysis of call volumes, Elite is best able to provide prompt responses and reliable on-time performance.


Elite Ambulance understands dialysis transportation to and from treatments is essential to the survival of our patients with kidney failure. We appreciate the trust our patients and their families place in us, reflected through our personal attention to each patient. Careful advance scheduling of our dialysis transports ensures timely performance with each appointment.

Elite also understands the difficulties our dialysis patients endure each week. We are committed to compassionate care with each transport and reduction of anxieties through reliable on-time performance.


Elite has the skills and experience to provide medical care at a variety of special events while meeting the requirements outlined by event organizers. Examples include:

  • Sporting Events
  • Community Festivals, Ceremonies and Gatherings
  • Public Relations and Promotional Events
  • Concerts
  • Public and Private Events

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