6 Benefits of Being a Volunteer EMT


Being a volunteer EMT is one of the easiest ways to get into EMS. However, there are many more perks to being a volunteer EMT than just getting firsthand EMS experience. So, if you’re considering becoming one, the benefits listed here will help you decide.

Who Is a Volunteer EMT?

Volunteer EMTs work alongside professional EMTs to carry out their duties. Their duties include drug administration, giving pain medications, stopping bleeding, dressing injuries, giving CPR, etc.

Volunteer EMTs typically don’t get paid but get rewarded by the experience they gain on the job. 

Anyone can volunteer as an EMT. All you need to do is to have some preliminary knowledge and basic certification. Most people who decide to volunteer as EMTs are students studying to be EMTs. However, anyone who’s interested and wants to help save lives is welcome to join.

What Does a Volunteer EMT Do?

As a volunteer EMT, your primary role is to help professional EMTs carry out their duties. Emergency Medical Technicians are the first contact for accident victims and people with medical challenges.

While you may not be on the first rescue line, you’ll be around to offer any help. You’ll also perform simple tasks to save people in danger. With the help of EMTs and paramedics, volunteer EMTs also carry out emergency procedures.

6 Benefits of Working as a Volunteer EMT

First and foremost, helping to save lives is one of the biggest benefits of working in EMS. But, being a volunteer EMT comes with lots of other perks too.

1. Build Your Resume

If you intend to work as a professional EMT someday, volunteering is a great place to start.

This is also true if you plan to work in the medical field someday as a doctor or nurse. Being a volunteer EMT is a great way to get hands-on experience.

2. Career Development

Volunteering as an EMT is a great way to develop your career. On every shift you work, you’ll gain practical skills. This knowledge will make it easier for you to understand the theoretical aspects taught in the classroom.

You’ll also learn how to handle stressful situations at work and develop the self-assurance to lead a team under pressure. As an undergraduate, volunteer EMS work gives you an opportunity to learn about the medical profession. It’ll also help you determine whether a healthcare career is best for you.

Also, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with patients and other EMS workers. You’ll also get the unique perspective of an EMT on the field, which may be hard to learn in a classroom. As a result of interactions with patients during vulnerable points in their lives, you’ll grow to become stronger and more emotionally resilient as a person.

3. Flexible Work Schedule

If you’re worried about missing out on classes or other activities, volunteering as an EMT won’t take your whole day. EMTs work in shifts, and so will you. You’ll be able to plan your schedule and carry on with your academic or personal activities without any problems.

4. Serve the Community

Many people in the community depend on emergency services for help. When you volunteer as an EMT, you contribute to saving them a lot of stress. By offering primary care to people in their houses, you’ll save them the costs of taking trips to the hospital every time.

This would make it easier for other health professionals to carry out their duties. The fewer patients they have to attend to at once, the more efficient they’ll be. And your services as a volunteer EMT won’t go to waste.

5. Build Strong and Lasting Relationships

A fantastic approach to making friends at your school and in your neighborhood is volunteering as an EMT in your institution’s community. You can also join the campus squad. While volunteering, there’s a big chance you’d meet people with dreams and goals similar to yours. You’ll also meet skilled professionals that can guide you to achieve your goals.

When you start working shifts with other EMT colleagues, you’ll have the opportunity to build friendships that can last a lifetime.

6. Financial Aids, Incentives, and Assistance

Although volunteer EMTs don’t receive paychecks like regular workers, some organizations offer them incentives. You may receive discounts on courses, scholarships, or other monetary support.

Some organizations even offer free EMT training courses to volunteers. And you might be lucky to secure a spot as a full-time EMT after completing your training.

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