Paramedic Tuition Assistance Policy



Elite Ambulance is committed to the continued development and education of our employees. The intention of this tuition assistance policy is to support these efforts. The company recognizes the commitment necessary to be successful, both in time and financially, in paramedic school. This policy intends to minimize the financial hardship associated with such a commitment. The company encourages all employees to further their education and development regardless of their ability to incur the cost of such development.


– An eligible candidate will have worked for Elite Ambulance, or one of its affiliates, for no less than 6 months prior to the start of class as an EMT-B. Proper state licensure and in good standing with their respective EMS System is necessary. The employee must have been working full time hours in those previous six months.

– To be eligible, the employee must have the recommendation of their immediate supervisor, the General Manager and Vice President of Elite Ambulance. Attributes to be considered include, but are not limited to attendance, paperwork accountability, uniform adherence, patient care and overall performance.

– Employee must maintain a schedule of at least 15 hours per work week for duration of class, unless otherwise agreed upon by Elite Ambulance management.

– Employee must have successfully completed (Grade of “C” or better) any prior courses that Elite Ambulance had previously provided tuition assistance.


Course Related Requirements

Pre Class:

– Employee must request and complete a “Tuition Assistance Form” and submit to the Vice President of Operations no later than 30 prior to the due date for tuition.

– Employee must provide a copy of the course description and an invoice from the state or federally accredited educational institution from which the employee has been approved to attend. This information must be submitted with the Tuition Assistance Form.

– Employee must submit proof of payment for the employee’s portion of the tuition.

– Employee must agree to and sign an “Employee Reimbursement Agreement” and “Promissory Note” including, permission for Elite Ambulance to deduct payments from employee paycheck.

Employee must provide evidence of successful completion (Grade of “C” or better) within 60 days of the completion of the classroom portion of class.


Tuition Contributions

– Employee will contribute 25% of the cost of tuition. The employee shall be responsible for the cost of books and other associated costs.

– Elite Ambulance will contribute the remaining 75% of the cost of tuition in the form of a loan to the employee. Payment will be made directly to the educational institution in the form of a check following proof of payment of the employee’s 25% contribution.

– Elite Ambulance will contribute up to $8000.00 per calendar year.


Repayment Terms

– Repayment payroll deductions will commence on the first paycheck following completion of the classroom portion of class. Repayment amount will be equal to the amount of the original load divided by 78 ( 3 years X 26 pay periods,) unless otherwise agreed upon by the employee and the owner of Elite Ambulance or their designee.

– Loan must be repaid within a maximum period of 5 years from the date of the course completion.

– At the end of each full year full-time service as a paramedic with the company following completion of the course, Elite Ambulance will forgive the lesser of $1000.00 or 20% of the remaining debt owed in recognition of continued service by the employee. The employee shall be responsible to notify Elite Ambulance, within thirty days, of each anniversary date.

– If ay any time during the course the employee withdraws from, or is caused to withdraw from, is dropped from the course or otherwise unable to complete the course, the employee must notify Elite Ambulance immediately, and the repayment deductions will commence on the following pay period. Any reimbursement or refund from the financial institution will immediately be paid to Elite Ambulance and the amount deducted from the total amount owed.

– If at any time during the course of prior to repayment of money owed the employee separated or is forced to separate employment from the company for any reason the entire remaining balance shall be due and payable within 30 days of the employee’s separation. Employee agrees that Elite Ambulance may withhold up to the entire amount of the employee’s final paychecks or disbursements of any kind for purpose of repayment of money owed. Any amount owed would be subtracted from total amount and remainder garnished from paycheck from subsequent employers if balance remains following 30 days after the employee’s separation from Elite Ambulance.


Bonus: A bonus of $500.00 will be paid upon completion of Paramedic License.


Discretion of Modify Policy:

Elite Ambulance periodically reviews and revises its policies. This and all other policies are subject to change at Elite Ambulance’s discretion and without prior notice. This policy supersedes all prior policies on this subject. If a policy is changed, employees will be notified.



Please contact (708) 326-7218 or email for all questions.

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